A silly character-creation card game for 1-4 players ages 7 & up.

The concept for BEASTIE BASH! was inspired by my experiences as a children’s book author. I am fortunate to travel the world teaching kids what it’s like to create stories for a living. At these events, the students and I brainstorm ideas for new adventures, which I illustrate on the spot. The kids always have so many wild ideas that it’s tough to choose just one. So I thought it would be fun to mash a few together. I could never have predicted how much it made the students and teachers laugh. I realized I was onto something, and set out to create a game that captured that same level of unpredictable humor and creativity.

Last year, my daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia. As I was designing Beastie Bash! I realized that this game could also be a fun tool to help her improve her reading and math skills. We can play it for hours and it doesn’t feel like homework to her. Plus, by mixing up the cards, the text is continually changing.

“Eric Wight is an amazing talent and has already done a lot of great stuff, but… designing card games may be his true destiny! Here’s a guy who can have a vision for a game and then create both the game mechanics AND the artwork. The result is that Beastie Bash both looks and plays like an Eric Wight creation: nutty, over-the-top, clever and with plenty of kaboom and kerpow!”

– Tom Angleberger, author of the NY Times Bestselling ORIGAMI YODA series


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